A CHILDREN’S charity is appealing for residents to help put a smile on a child’s face this Christmas.

Embrace Child Victims of Crime provides support to young people affected by serious crime right across the UK, helping them to cope, recover and fulfil their potential.

The charity has launched their Dear Santa Appeal which funds Christmas gifts for youngsters who are nominated by police officers and other safeguarding professionals across county.

Already 30 wishes have been made in Hampshire.

As part of the appeal, the charity is seeking people to donate to help fund the Christmas presents purchased.

Last year, 88 young victims of crime in Hampshire, including those affected by homicide, sexual abuse, domestic violence and neglect, received some form of help.

Anne Campbell, charity chief executive, said: “Sometimes a small gesture of support can make the world of difference to children experiencing significant trauma and stress, through no fault of their own, as a result of crime.

“Christmas should be a time of joy for everyone – but especially the children – and that’s why Embrace is urging people to buy an extra gift for a child of crime. Please help us make their wishes come true.”