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  • Bishop’s Waltham

The Mitre Building, Botley Road

The Bungalow, Woodlea Nurseries, Wintershill

Jefferies Yard , Winters Hill

Hermitage Heights, Churchill Avenue

Priory Park, Elizabeth Way

Land adjoining Tangier Lane, Bishop’s Waltham

Land off Wintershill

Land adjacent Mill House

Land adjacent Crown Hill House, Botley Road

Land adjacent Tangier Farm, Tangier Lane

Thickets Farm, Botley Road

Land at Brooklands Farm, Botley Road

Land north of Rareridge Lane

Land at Tangier View Farm, Tangier Lane

  • Boarhunt

Land adjacent to Springfield Trampers Lane

Land to the rear of Springfield Trampers Lane

Colden Common Farm, 99 Main Road

Land east of Highbridge Road

Land at Main Road, Colden Common

Land at Lower Moors Road

97 Main Road

Tanglewood Equestrian Centre

Land off Bishopstoke Lane, at Highbridge Farm

Ashbrook Stables, Main Road

Waterwells Farm, 57 Church Lane

Land to the east of Main Road

Compton Nursery, Otterbourne Road

Land South West of Winchester Area

South of George Beckett Nurseries, Otterbourne

Warners Farm Buildings and Paddock Place Lane

Land adjacent to Windrush Cottage, Shepherds Lane

  • Crawley

Land fronting Hacks Lane, Crawley

Barton Ashes, Crawley

Black Barns, Old Spitfire Hanger, Crawley Road

  • Curdridge

Land at Fairthorne Grange

Land off Whiteley Lane

Land off Whiteley Lane

Spring Villa, Hole Lane

Land west of Fairthorne Grange Farm, Botley Road

Land at Sherecroft Farm, Botley

Land at Reading Room Lane

Land at Botley Road

Land east of Pinkmead Farm

Land west of Pinkmead Farm

Land at Kitnocks Hill, Curdridge

Curdridge Grange, Curdridge Lane

Kitnocks Farm, Outlands Lane

Land of Whiteley Lane C

Land East of Station Hill

Land at Fairthorne Grange Farm

Land at Wickham Road

Land at Ridge Farm Lane

Land at Harmsworth Farm, Botley Road

Land adjacent Harmsworth Farm, Botley Road

Land opposite Lockhams Hill, Gordon Road

  • Denmead

Land at Anmore Road, Denmead

Land to the south of Manor House, Hambledon Road

Land south of Forest Road

Land at Lower Crabbick Lane/Forest Road

Land at Edgecombe Cottage, Forest Road

Land at Hambledon Road

East of Inhams Lane

Land north of Anmore Road

Land at Claredon Farm, Anmore Road

Land at Thompsons Lane

Land at Forest Road and Furzeley Road

Land south of Maple Drive

Parklands Business Park, Forest Road

Land off Auger Row, Waterlooville

Land east of Inhams Lane

Land at Soake Road, Denmead

  • Durley

Rozel Forge, Stapleford Lane, Durley

East Horton Golf Course, Mortimers Lane

Land at Parsonage Lane and Durley Street

Land adjacent Sunnyside, Durley Street

Land at Durley Street

Land north of Durley Manor Farm

Snakemoor Farm, Snakemoor Lane

Land adjacent Little Acre, Heathen Street

Land at Church Farm - Area A

Land at Church Farm - Area C

Land adjacent Durley Mews

Land at Quob Stables, Durley Brook Road

Hill Farm, Netherhill, Botley

Land adjacent Hunters Moon

Land at Findens Farm, Kytes Lane

  • Headbourne Worthy

Land north of Wellhouse Lane, Winchester

Land to the west of Springvale Road

Pudding Farm, Worthy Road

Land at Wellhouse Lane

South Winchester Golf Club Romsey Road

Land south west of Winchester

Land at Vale Farm, Romsey Road

Itchen Stoke and Ovington

Folly Hill Farm, Itchen Stoke

Land at Manor Farm, Itchen Stoke

  • Itchen Valley

Land at Itchen Down Farm

Land off Northington Road

  • Kings Worthy

Land to the east of Lovedon Lane

Land adjacent Cart and Horses public house

Land south of Hookpit Farm Lane

Kings Worthy House and Kingsworthy Court, Court Road

Land at Springvale Road

Land north of North Winchester Farm

Land north of North Winchester Farm

The Grove, Hinton Fields

Land adjacent Applemead, South Drive, Littleton

Land adjacent to South Lodge, South Drive

Land at 10 Harestock Road

Land to the rear of Paddock View, Littleton

Sir John Moore Barracks

Land north of Church Lane

Land west of The Down House, 90 Harestock Road

Land north of The Down House, 90 Harestock Road

Land adjacent The Down House, 90 Harestock Road

Littleton Nursery

Littleton Stud

Lower Farm, Stud Lane

Land north east of Vicarage

Land west of Micheldever

Innersdown Farm, Basingstoke Road

Land at Micheldever Station

Thody’s, New Farm Road

Land at Perins School, Pound Hill

Land at Arlebury Park, Alresford

Land adjacent Princess Cottage, New Farm Road

Netherbourne, New Farm Road

Land adjacent Arlebury Park

Land off Drove Lane

Land on the east side of Bridge Road

  • Northington

Land adjacent West Lodge, Northington Road

  • Old Alresford

Land at and South of Wearne House

Land at Southdowns

  • Oliver’s Battery

Land at Texas Drive

  • Otterbourne

Land at Meadowside and Dean Croft, Poles Lane

Highbridge Farm, Highbridge Road

Land off Main Road

Land off Waterworks Road

  • Shedfield

Nightingale Cottage, High Street Shirrell Heath

Land adjacent Ivy Cottage, Solomons Lane

Land to the rear of Little Bull Lane

Oakley Field, Waltham Chase

Land of Hospital Road, Shirrell Heath

Land adjacent Abingdon Shirrell Heath

Land at Black Horse Lane, Shirrell Heath

Land at Forest Farm, Waltham Chase

Land Adjacent Culverland Industrial Estate

Land at Lower Chase Road, Waltham Chase

Land south east of High Street, Shirrell Heath

Land at Church Farm, Winchester Road

Raglington Farm, Botley Road, Shedfield

Land at Shedfield Equestrian Centre, Botley Road

Former Kerryfresh Depot, Gravel Hill

Land at Sandy Lane, Shedfield

Redwings, Winchester Road

Black Horse Farm, Solomons Lane

Land adjacent Whingarth

Northcroft Farm, Sandy Lane

Land to the north of Chase Road

Land at Upper Church Road

Yewtree Cottage, Solomons Lane, Waltham Chase

Winters Croft, Shirrell Heath

  • Soberton

Land opposite Daisy Cottage, Forester Road

Land at Church Road and Ingoldfield Lane, Newtown

Land east of Ingoldfield Lane

Land west of Ingoldfield Lane

Land south of S&D Nursery, Ingoldfield Lane

South Wonston

Hampshire Polo School, South Wonston Farm

Villa Hugel, West Hill Road North, South Wonston

Land at Alresford Drove

Land off Christmas Hill

Southwick and Widley

Land west of London Road, Purbrook

Land west of Salters Lane

  • Swanmore

Swallow Stables, Gravel Hill

Land to the r/o Fullegar Cottages, Vicarage Lane

Land south of Forest Road

Land between Forest Road and Ludwells Lane

Land off Bishops Wood Road, Mislingford

Land adjoining Alexandra Cottage, Lower Chase Road

Land south of The Lakes

Land at Swanmore Road

  • Upham

Land to the rear of Alma Inn, Mortimer Lane

  • Whiteley

Land south of Lee Ground

  • Wickham

Pine Cars, 1 Southwick Road

Land at junction of Mill Lane, Wickham

Land at Southwick Road/School Road

Land adjacent Fonthill, Fontley Road

Land at Dean Villas, Knowle

Land at junction of Mill and Blind Lane, Wickham

Land North of Blind Lane

Land at Cold Harbour Farm

Land at Wickham Park Golf Club, Titchfield Lane

Land at junction of Southwick and Hundred Acres Road

Land north of Amberwood

Land adjacent St Nicholas Church, Southwick Road

Land north of Castle Farm Lane

Pogles Wood, Mayles Lane Pogles Wood

Mayles Lane

Land at Hilldale Farm, Titchfield Lane

Land at Tapnage, Titchfield Lane

Land north of Ravenswood House Hospital

Little Park Farm, Titchfield Lane

  • Winchester

Land south of Kilham Lane

Rowan Hill

Land at Winchester Cathedral

Teg Down Farm, Sarum Road

Boat Club, Domum Road

Land south of Lanham Lane

Land north of Sarum Road

Old Manor Nursery and Old Orchard, Kilham Lane

Land south of 91-95 St Cross Road

The Masters Lodge St Cross Road

Land at Chilcomb Lane

  • Wonston

Land east of Old Stoke Road

Land at Sutton Scotney Services

Land at Sutton Scotney Services

Land adjacent Keepers Cottage 4