CIVIC chiefs are asking the public what they think of suggested names for the new sports centre in Winchester.

The Mint, the Soke and Chalk Flower are the suggestions. The feedback is: rubbish!

The city council launched the consultation on social media to name the £38m centre set to be built on the Garrison Ground at Bar End.

The three suggested names are: The Mint, The Soke and Chalk Flower.

The council say The Mint reflects local medieval money-making, The Soke is the name of the area where the bishop had jurisdiction and Chalk Flower, presumably from the soil.

People have been pointing out none has any relevance to the leisure centre.

Sharon Price wrote on Facebook: “Who exactly came up with these names?? Bet that wasn’t cheap either!”

Echoing the Boaty McBoatface saga when the public was asked to name a new ship, Matt Flynn suggested Leisure McLeisure Centre.

At overview and scrutiny committee, Cllr Martin Tod said: “The naming process is not being taken seriously by the residents and the suggested names haven’t been met with overwhelming approval.”

Cllr Guy Ashton, portfolio holder for finance, said he thought people would warm to the names. “We are putting names forward that are thoughtful and interesting.”