PLANS have been unanimously approved to demolish a Winchester bungalow and replace it with two new homes.

The decision will now see the home at 18 Dean Lane, Teg Down, knocked down, with a three-bedroom and four-bedroom house taking over the site, both of which will be detached.

Despite winning the support of Winchester City Council’s planning committee last week, the scheme received nearly 40 letters of objection, 15 of which came after the proposal had been amended.

Concerns residents feared the scheme would be an overdevelopment, would be too dense for a semi-rural area, and could cause safety problems with increased traffic on Dean Lane.

However, council officers reassured the committee that the scheme included adequate parking and planning agent Huw Thomas said construction vehicles would be managed to avoid issues on the narrow lane.

Objector Patricia Fennell, on behalf of her brother who lives behind the site, asked the committee to visit the site before making a decision to see what impact the development could have.

Cllr Eileen Berry made a motion to carry out the site visit, but failed to get a seconder. She said: “I only asked for a site visit to relay their fears, knowing you would not agree with it.

“There’s nothing wrong with this development, but I wanted them to have their say.

“I will assure them (Ms Fennell and her brother) they have the best architect in this town, and I think in Hampshire.

“It is very well designed and it will be to your advantage in the bitter end.”