SCISSOR-happy residents at a Winchester care home chopped off their carer’s hair for charity.

Ann and Freda, who live at the Colten Care St Catherines View home, volunteered their assistance when carer Laura Sheldrake invited the pair to trim her hair.

Laura donated her cut hair to The Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children and adults up to the age of 24, who lose their hair due to conditions such as cancer.

She had been growing it out for over a year, but it took Ann and Freda a few seconds to chop off a full 14 inches.

Laura said: “It was really good fun and raised a lot of laughs, especially when the gardener jokingly brought the giant shears out.

“And Ann and Freda seemed to really enjoy using the scissors to lop off a plait each.”

Laura continued: “I have had family and friends who have been affected by cancer and I wanted to do something other than just raising money.

“I heard about The Little Princess Trust through a friend and after doing some research I decided this was what I wanted to do.

“I knew it would be a lengthy process, excuse the pun, as I needed to grow my hair as long as possible.

“So I started in June 2017 and at times those 16 months have felt a lot longer.

"But it was absolutely worth it when I had a massive 14 inches cut off.”

As well as the haircut, the specialist dementia home also held fundraising events that helped Laura raise £240 for the charity.

Hairdresser Ali Hammond donated her time and skills to finish the job and cut Laura’s hair into a short style.

Laura has now decided not to cut her hair for at least another year so she can donate it again.

She said: “Next time I hope to donate my hair and raise £500, which is how much it costs to make each wig.”