RESIDENTS of Winchester put up an inflatable zebra crossing as part of a five-year road safety campaign.

Cars were stopped by parents and their children, who demonstrated how a functioning zebra crossing would work on Worthy Road.

They have been campaigning since 2013 for the measure near the junction with Stoke Road and further along near Arthur Road.

However Hampshire County Council says the volume of traffic across a 24 hour period is insufficiently heavy to qualify for a crossing.

City councillor Dominic Hiscock, who lives on Worthy Road, said: “The tests don’t take into account how busy the road really is at peak times, which is when the kids will be crossing to get to and from school.

“I’ve lived here for 30 years and it’s still not any better. It makes residents on one side of the road feel cut off from all of the facilities on the other side.”

Resident Lucy McLoughlin, mother of three, believes the price should not be an issue. Two of her children cross the road every day to attend St Bede Primary School.

She said: “Today went brilliantly. We tried to keep the numbers down for safety reasons, but loads of people wanted to come along. We are all so grateful to the ETA Trust for their excellent help. I just wish it was that easy all the time - to have a button we could press every time we wanted to cross and have big bollards appear. We don’t want anymore excuses.”