DRIVERS stopping near a Hampshire beauty spot have been forced to contend with a 20ft-wide pile of waste that has been dumped in a layby.

The massive mound was fly-tipped over the weekend beside the A31 between Alresford and Winchester.

Standing at around 7ft tall in places, the rubbish appears to be mostly waste from domestic building work, with bits of old fridges, cupboards and paint tins visible.

It was even described by one businessman, who operates out of the layby at Orr’s Meadow, as one of the biggest fly-tips he’d even seen.

Chris Sharp, who owns the A31 Burger Van that parks near to the fly-tipped rubbish, said: “There’s loads of it, it’s about 20ft-long and 7ft-tall, and is definitely one of the biggest cases of fly-tipping I have ever seen.

“There’s loads of wood, furniture, children’s toys, a couple of tyres.

“It really is just a bit of everything – it’s just terrible.”

Mr Sharp says the rubbish has forced him to temporarily close as the space where the van is usually parked was still covered on Monday afternoon,.

He told the Echo he believes the incident occurred sometime between 1.30pm on Saturday and 12pm on Sunday.

Mr Sharp added: “There has been a spate of it recently.

“We had an incident about three or four weeks ago where it seemed someone had emptied out their kitchen and left an oven as well as other things.

“We spoke to the council and they were great and sorted it and cleaned up, but this new incident happened over Saturday night.


“Its just terrible. It’s not good in general, but it really affects our business.

“We just have to work around it and our customers are really understanding. We just have to carry on.”

Coach driver and customer of the van, Peter Waygood said: “There’s a lot of lorry and coach drivers who have their breaks there and have something to eat. They are really nice people so to have that happen is such a shame.

“They need to move all the rubbish to one side so there’s nowhere to park.”


The Echo has approach Winchester City Council about the waste, but is still awaiting a response.