RESIDENTS of Twyford have launched a book to honour villagers who died in the First World War.

Twyford’s Valiant Hearts was written about the soldiers named on the war memorial by St Mary’s Church.

Every name from the memorial is featured in the book, alongside photographs.

One of the authors, Vicki Dunlop said: “The idea came from our editor Chris Pope. He wanted to remember all of the soldiers featured on the memorial.

“It was lucky that we had the names of the regiments that the soldiers were part of and their death date. That really helped us single out what we needed."

The book was launched at a party last Friday at the Parish Hall, attended by 150 people and 120 copies were sold.

Vicki said: “We only had 200 copies, so it’s looking like we might have to do a reprint.”

Proceeds will go to the Royal British Legion and St Mary’s Church.