A MAN selling toilet paper in Winchester High Street attracted hundreds of curious customers last week.

Tim Baker, a 29-year-old marketing business manager from New Zealand, sells dozens of toilet rolls from his trolley every day.

But his product features a rather unique style - it has Donald Trump's face printed on every sheet.

There are two designs behind Tim's bizarre business; one of the President pouting his lips and one where he is making a speech to Republicans.

The Kiwi has sold over 8,000 rolls since starting the trade last Christmas, touring the whole country with his trolley full of Presidential potty paper.

He said: "I was on a train with my mate one day and we were speaking about starting a toilet roll company because they never run out of customers. Everyone needs to wipe.

"After thinking for a while of what to do it just hit me. And now I'm selling it."

Many people stopped to speak to Tim in the high street and many others purchased his product.

He caught customers with his catch phrase, "don't dump without Trump," and says the idea has proved so successful that he expects to be on the property ladder by the end of year.

Although the man from New Zeeland, who currently lives in Bristol, is continuing his tour around the UK, he hopes to return to Winchester soon.