SHE’S the Alresford adventurer who’s used to tackling huge challenges.

But now 39-year-old Holly Budge will be keeping her feet firmly in the county for her next world record attempt.

As part of her campaign to highlight the impact of the ivory trade, she will be unveiling a nearly four-metre-tall papier-mache elephant at the Alresford Show.

Moulded out of 500 ‘tiles’ and without a structural frame, the model elephant, roughly the size of the real thing, will be unveiled in a world record attempt on September 1.

Holly, who has previous climbed Mount Everest to raise awareness of the impact of the elephant ivory trade and of her award-winning campaign, How Many Elephants, is also no stranger to world records.

She already has two to her name, being the first woman to skydive Everest and race across Mongolia on semi-wild horses in just nine days.

Holly said: “The paper mache elephant idea was inspired by my passion for design and conservation. I wanted to create a meaningful piece of art that had a strong message and big impact.”

“It’s not about building the biggest elephant I can, it’s more educational than that. It’s replicating the exact size of the largest African bull elephant on record at 3.96m to show people the sheer size of these wonderful and majestic animals.

“I am humbled by the level of support from local people who have volunteered their time.

“It is an immense and ambitious project and at this stage, there is no certainty we will pull it off.”

This Guinness World Record attempt will raise further awareness of Holly’s campaign, which has won a community award from the mayor of Winchester after hosting over 1,000 school children at her recent exhibition in White Space Alresford.

The elephant is being put together by a team of volunteers. One of them, Janice Burlison, said: “I can’t think of a better way to occupy the children during the school holidays than donating some time to help Holly achieve her World Record.”

Bethany, aged eight, added: “It’s exciting to try and break a world record but it’s trickier and takes longer than I thought.”

Following the event, Holly says she will be looking for a new home for the elephant.