SIR: The proposed sports and leisure centre at Bar End will be of positive benefit, providing facilities for the health, fitness and well being of the community.

To put the ‘kibosh’ on the proposals would be a crying shame. Nobody would benefit and the growing population would loose out on such an amazing facility.

The fact that building and operating such a sports and leisure centre is feasible, should be celebrated.

Because of the delays, the estimated costs have obviously risen. That is a fact of life when projects are needlessly delayed. However, the consultation process has been observed and the matters pertinent to the development addressed. The proposals were moving ahead relatively smoothly, and a positive conclusion is the only way forward.

More people use bicycles, the enviable bus service or indeed walk.

The new Sports and leisure centre is very much needed to replace the city centre location of the River Park Leisure Centre area and provide a facility for the benefit of all.

Any further procrastination is simply not justified. This most desirable and much need project is a positive addition to the area’s sports amenities.

Simon Lever,

Juniper Close,

Badger Farm,