IT was an ordinary day's work for Hampshire woman Alice Bennett at the legendary Abbey Road studios, immortalised by The Beatles.

Alice, 21, from the Meon Valley, has been working as a runner at the studios in London for the past year, helping things run smoothly.

She didn't expect to play a role in the work of Nile Rodgers, a genuine legend in pop music with his band Chic.

He was at the studios recording his new single 'Till The World Falls' when he invited Alice to lay down the song's sultry introduction.

Alice said: "I was told 'Nile needs you now'. Running into the studio thinking that there was some sort of emergency, Nile spun round in his chair with a big grin on his face and said 'Alice, I need you to do something for me. I need you to introduce the song in a sexy voice.'

"I walked into the live room, put on a pair of headphones, and said the iconic words: 'You are now listening to Chic.'

On being asked to guest on the single, she said: “When Nile asked me to introduce the song, I initially thought that he was having me on because he knew I was a huge fan of his. Then when I saw he was serious I was suddenly completely overwhelmed. How often is a person asked to feature on a record with so many of their idols such as Nile. That’s definitely something that doesn’t happen everyday so it really is such a huge honour.

“Walking into a room with Nile is like being reunited with an old friend. With greetings of high fives and hugs, he instantly makes you feel like part of the family.

"During sessions here at Abbey Road, he relishes every opportunity to work with like-minded talented artists, his enthusiasm and energy never diminishing. He really is one of a kind – you can see the glimmer of pride in his eyes when he picks up his guitar, ready for another day, another funky riff and of course, another hit record!”

Alice was brought up in Exton, Hampshire and went to the Portsmouth Grammar School.

Abbey Road Studios recently announced his appointment as their first ever chief creative officer, a new role which will see him use the studios as his primary creative base as well as nurturing new talent.

'Till The World Falls' is featured on Nile Rodgers and Chic's new album 'It's About Time' out on September 7.