A WINCHESTER soldier has been commended for her service while deployed in a war-torn country.

Army Officer Major (Maj) Victoria Bulleid, known as ‘Tor’, serves with the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC) and is currently the senior clinical lead critical care nurse at Defence Medical Services in Portsmouth.

Following her deployment in South Sudan, Maj Bullied has been recognised with a Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS) for her contributions to medical capability between April and July last year.

Her citation read: “Victoria’s contributions to operational medical capability extend far beyond her rank.

“She has garnered unreserved respect and admiration from every quarter of the task force, delivering systemic clinical effect that has improved the lives of many ill soldiers and her accomplishments are wholly deserving of national recognition.”

Following the award, she said: “Joining the Army seemed a great opportunity to be a nurse in different and challenging places.

“Being awarded the QCVS is quite overwhelming. I was just doing my job and ultimately it was very much a team effort. Without all the determination and hard work of those who deployed and those that helped us get out the door we would not have been able to achieve it.”

Before enlisting and taking up her nursing studies, Victoria worked as a health care support worker at Salisbury District Hospital.

She enlisted in the British Army in 2009, having always wanted to serve and follow in both her parents’ footsteps.

Her father served with the ‘Tigers’ The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR), retiring in 2010, and her mother was in the QARANC from 1979 to 1982.

Alongside her South Sudan deployment Victoria has experienced deployments to Afghanistan.