PRO-Europe campaigners say there was overwhelming support for a People’s Vote on the final terms of the Brexit deal.

Passers-by on Winchester High Street were engaged to cast their vote either for or against holding a vote once the terms of the Brexit deal are agreed and known.

The UK referendum in June 2016 was narrowly to Leave, but activists say it does not reflect the Winchester vote of 59 per cent to Remain.

Some 95 per cent wanted another vote, say the campaigners who set up shop by the Buttercross.

They say the disquiet was further reinforced by public writing postcards to their MP, many were taken and 143 were completed and deposited in the stand’s ballot box. Just one, unsigned stated “Voted Leave, please stick with it”.

All others, mostly addressed to Winchester MP Steve Brine carried pleas such as “Help Britain be great again – stay in Europe” or “We didn’t get the vote when we were 16, we want one NOW!”. These cards were due to be delivered to Westminster in the coming days.

Nine national pro-European organisations recently launched a grassroots campaign for the People’s Vote on the final deal. European Movement, Open Britain, Britain for Europe and others are now cooperating and sending a strong message to MPs and the government to show the damage Brexit is and will be causing to the country.

In Winchester the Hampshire European Movement, the 48 per cent Winchester and the Win-IN (Winchester International Network) set up a stall supported by tens of volunteers.

The stall, busy throughout the warm and sunny Saturday morning engaged the public for two and a half hours. A transparent box was available and people asked to put in a green – FOR, or yellow – AGAINST ticket.

Despite many passers-by not engaging, 225 votes were cast, of which 215 were asking for the People’s Vote.

The campaigners say: “The message from the High Street on Saturday morning was clear, Winchester people want to vote on the terms of the final Brexit deal.”

The counter-argument is that the nation has decided and the campaign for a proposed vote is an attempt to derail the whole process.

The UK is due to leave the EU on March 29 2019.

Currently the Government is negotiating the terms with Brussels with the Conservative reported to be spilt over the exact nature of the customs arrangements.

Brexiteers fear that the UK will remain in some form of union which will harm the country’s ability to strike new trade deals with nations across the world.