PETER Symonds College students took part in a national campaign aiming to raise awareness of mental illness stigma.

The College’s Student Minds group set up several post boxes around the building as part of Time to Talk Day, to encourage people, particularly teenagers, to be open and honest with one another about their feelings.

Students and staff were given the opportunity to send each other postcards to share a positive message, a compliment or simply to let someone know that they are there for them. The postcards were then distributed to their recipients via tutor groups.

The initiative was so well received that Student Minds have decided to keep the post boxes running for the rest of the term.

Messages ranged from people saying thank you, to students letting friends know that they are there for them if they ever wanted to talk.

One anonymous message from the initial batch of postcards read: “To somebody who is struggling… I don’t know what problems you’re facing - but you’re doing the best you can and that’s great. I’m so proud that you’ve made it in today. You’re a fighter; you’ve got this.”

Hannah Edwards, mental health adviser, said: “This student’s message bears testament to the spirit and support that Symonds students can, and do, offer one another.”

, and we as a college, are keen to encourage this type of comradery in any way possible.”