THE twinkle-toed pensioner who entranced people in Winchester High Street has died.

Ronnie Burgess became a social media star when he was filmed dancing to buskers and his moves posted online.

He would spend hours on the High Street grooving to music and chatting to passers-by.

Ronnie had been a dancer with his wife but when she passed away he decided to carry on.

In 2014 he told the Daily Echo: “I just love doing it. We all love dancing – dancing keeps you fit.”

The pensioner, who was about 90 when he died, strutted his stuff on the streets of Winchester since the death of his wife, Dorothy, in 1998. “She was a very good dancer,” he said. “We went everywhere.”

“I just do what I feel like,” he said, “but you can’t do anything too quick at my age.

“I’m going to keep dancing until I die.” And he did, dancing up until late last year.

A neighbour at St John's almshouses, Derek Harper, said: "He was a lovely person with a ready smile, a great dancer, an expert ballroom dancer. He was well liked at St Johns."

Mr Harper said Ronnie had attended organised ballroom sessions but when they ceased he took his dancing onto the streets. "He just decided to carry on, dancing up the High Street in front of the buskers.

"He was a cheerful smiley person. He was a little person, but in character he was quite big."

In recent years Ronnie moved from St John's to the Moorside home at Durngate.

Despite busting his moves to everything from rock guitar to solo accordion, Ronald misses the days when dancing was at the heart of Winchester’s social scene.

He said: “All my life was dancing, but the town’s gone dead. In my day it was all dancing. There’s no bands like there used to be.”

But the video has propelled him to stardom in the city, with scores of shoppers stopping him to praise his moves and even join in.

The OAP said: “At last! I only have to go up the town and some lady will tell me something about it. It feels good.”

“I’m going to keep dancing until I die.”