PREVIOUSLY refused plans for homes in Shawford have now been given the green light.

The scheme at Smallwood, Cross Way is for the demolition of an existing property and the building of three, five-bedroom homes.

An application by Alfred Homes for two homes was refused in October last year due to underground garages which were considered overdevelopment.

The plans include an extra house, with a detached garage instead at the rear of one of the properties.

But the second proposal still received 18 letters of objection, with concerns that the new, taller homes would mean overlooking.

Objector Anthony Lewis, representing the South Downs Residents’ Association, told the planning committee at the Guildhall (pictured): “We are not against development but we don’t want the character of the area changed by it. The development is out of character with the local area.

“The surrounding houses are two-storey and the proposal has three storeys.

“It’s completely unacceptable that these houses should become taller and more narrow to make way for a roadway.”

He added that the distance between the houses were as low as three metres compared to an average of 12 metres between other homes in the area.

But applicant Chris Rees said there had been a “misreading of the drawings” and that there was reference to “inaccuracies that don’t exist”.

“This application has resolved the objections that they committee levied to us last time,” he said.

“The immediate neighbour has not objected to this application. The response from the residents’ association was we want two homes not three. We set out to try and come to a compromise position.”

Cllr Eleanor Bell, who represents Badger Farm and Oliver’s Battery, said the plans conflicted with the village design statement.

“Although the garages were removed we nevertheless have a style not in keeping. There’s nothing pastoral about the design,” she said.

Cllr Brian Laming said: “I am concerned that they are close together because it does have an impact of the whole estate. There is quite a huge impact on the area.”

Cllr Ian Tait said: “The scheme is high-quality. We have consistently seen Alfred Homes deliver high-quality development.”

The application was approved eight to one, with Cllr Laming voting against.