A WINCHESTER mum who launched a campaign to reduce plastic waste has had a number of businesses pledge their support.

Final Straw Winchester aims to stop bars, cafes and restaurants from offering single-use plastic straws.

Michele Ingerslev, 38, has succeeded in getting The Kings Charles pub in Kings Worthy, BIG little Me, The Bell Inn in St. Cross and Chococo Chocolates on the High Street to get involved.

Michele, of Park Road, said: “I’m delighted by the way the campaign has been received.

“I’m an ordinary, busy working mum-of-two, running the campaign in my spare time and I’m hoping to make a difference to reduce single-use plastics in the beautiful city where I live.”

Michele launched the campaign three weeks ago and hopes that if businesses continue to offer straws, they will offer environmentally-friendly alternatives made of paper.

Dawn Anchor, owner of The King Charles pub in Kings Worthy, said: “One of my staff has been on at me for a while to switch to using paper straws. When I saw the Final Straw Winchester campaign, I decided to investigate and was amazed at how long it takes for just one plastic straw to break down. It was then that I decided we’d ditch the plastic straws in favour of recyclable paper straws.”

Annalyz de Fraser, owner of BIG little Me, a role-play group for children, said: “I saw the Final Straw Winchester campaign on Facebook and decided to join, as being responsible with our environment is at the heart of my business.

“Not only am I trying to incorporate messages for children on how we can all be responsible with the environment, but I want to operate as one.

“I worked in corporate responsibility for over 20 years, but now I am very happy to have a business where I can pledge that we won’t ever use plastic straws. It’s great to support this local campaign and I hope many others follow.”