WINCHESTER civic chiefs have agreed a ten-year £113 million programme for new homes over the next ten years.

The city council has an ambitious plans for 600 new homes by 2021.

But the council is proposing extending the building over the next decade with £47m allocated for as yet unallocated sites.

Among the major schemes are £15m at The Valley for 76 homes due for completion by 2020-21; £8.3m on the Extra Care scheme on Chesil Street; £3.4m at Abbotts Barton; and £5m in Kings Worthy.

Another programme will see £89m spent on repairs to council houses and improvements and conversions by 2027-28.

The cabinet (housing) committee heard that work on The Valley scheme is due to start by the end of this year or in early 2019.

Cllr Jamie Scott raised an issue about the letting or properties to tenants unable to afford the rents. He queried the system that allows that to happen.

He cited a single mother with three children from Lent Hill Court in Stanmore allocated a newly-built house in the Barton Farm development but “who clearly can’t afford it.”

“It cannot be affordable if people on the waiting list cannot afford a new build. We need to look at it again. If we are saying that only those on good salaries can get a new house then clearly there is something wrong with the system.”

The family were granted the property from a housing provider other than the city council.

Cllr Nicki Elks said: “We have a family going into affordable housing. It obviously is not affordable.”

Meanwhile, the council has agreed to put up rents for garages by 3.9 per cent. That means tenants will pay £10.32 a week and private tenants will pay £13.50.

Council leader Caroline Horrill said the programme showed the commitment of the council to social housing. “The tenants like living in the properties. They like being looked after by Winchester City Council. That is something to feel positive about. We look after tenants, properties and communities.”

The city council has an aim for 600 new builds by 2020.

Being built or approved by planners are Chesil Lodge, 52; Victoria House, 27; Hillier Wat, 13; Mitford Road, Alresford, 9; Bailey close, Stanmore, 5; The valley, 76; knowle, 13.

Using a Freedom of Information Act request the Chronicle has obtained details of many of the proposed schemes beginning to emerge.

* Rowlings Road, Weeke: 7 units;

* Dyson Drive, Abbotts Barton: 12;

* Sparsholt: 5;

* Meryon Road, Alresford: 6;

* Winnall: 100;

* Hookpit, Kings Worthy: 25-plus;

* Harestock: 65, with an offer made to landowners believed to be the Welch family;

* Charles Close, Abbotts Barton: 8.

Emerging Opportunities in 2018/19:

* Moyse Land - Knowle 100;

* Dykes Farm, Winnall 80;

* Police House, Twyford. Net gain of 2 after demolition

In total that comes to 605 homes.