A CLASSIC Mozart opera is heading to Theatre Royal Winchester.

The Magic Flute will be performed on Thursday, February 22. This production comes from the Oliver Award-winning OperaUpClose following their critically acclaimed five week run in London’s West End.

This new English version re-invents The Magic Flute in fabulous new robes for the era of Trump and recessions, casting rays of light and love into the darkness through Glyn Maxwell’s mischievious poetry, Alex Beetschen’s lively orchestration and Valentina Ceschi’s theatrical creativity.

Invited behind the velvet rope at London’s most exclusive club, Tamino doesn’t have time to stop for beggars, paparazzi or even his girlfriend Pamina.

Going to bed after a blazing row later that night, this ordinary couple relive the events and encounters of the evening in dreams made extraordinary by the lateness of the hour, their befuddled senses, and yes, a touch of magic.

Writer Glyn Maxwell is celebrated across a variety of forms, including libretti (Royal Opera House’s The Firework-Maker’s Daughter), plays, novels and poetry.

He and director Valentina Ceschi (OperaUpClose’s Elixir of Love and Dido and Aeneas) have re-shaped the archaic values of The Magic Flute to celebrate the other more progressive ideals which are at its core: tolerance, compassion and joy.

This new version will be performed by six singers and four instrumentalists in a new orchestration for piano, double-bass, guitar and reed instruments by Alex Beetschen (OperaUpClose’s The Marriage of Figaro).

The Magic Flute will be at Theatre Royal Winchester at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available online and from the Box Office on 01962 840 440.