LOVE it or loathe it, BoomTown is here to stay.

This newspaper has been reporting on the event since it started and its gradual growth into a large-scale national event.

We have sympathy for the relatively few people who suffer disruption to their lives, whether to their unimpeded freedom of movement, to their businesses or their right to enjoy the tranquillity of their gardens without the thud-thud-thud of a bass drum coming from just over the horizon.

But the licensing authorities have to strike a balance between the rights of those people not to be disturbed and the rights of the organisers and the landowner Peveril Bruce to go about their lawful business.

The stark fact remains that there is hardly a better location anywhere in southern England for an event such as this. Within a mile there is barely a handful of houses, only a few more within two miles. The site at Matterley Estate is off the A31 and A272 major trunk roads and close to the M3 and to a mainline railway. Although people grumble about the annual traffic chaos it is minor compared to that experienced by the residents of Somerset when Glastonbury comes to town.

Having said all that whilst BoomTown hopes to increase the size of the event it could also follow the lead of Glastonbury which once in a while takes a year off to allow the farm to recover and restore goodwill.