A HAMPSHIRE company is taking to the skies to offer a selection of aerial photography services.

DarterDrones is a new drone photography venture from NatureBureau, a wildlife protection, and graphic design consultancy.

“There are so many opportunities for drone photography, mapping and video.” said Thomas Haynes, director.

“From inspecting roofs to filming music videos, and assessing crop health to 3D modelling of buildings: the list is endless.” The company has already undertaken flights to test the capabilities of their camera equipment, and is currently working on other projects including music videos and marketing footage for business parks and will launch its fully licensed commercial service this month.

DarterDrones use a 3kg DJI Inspire1 drone with a Zenmuse x3 camera capable of taking 4K and HD video footage and a 12 Megapixel photos using an ultra-steady 360° rotating gimbal.

DarterDrones’ pilots have attained their pilot operating licences from the Civil Aviation Authority and are fully insured for commercial operations.

“We are interested in talking to film makers, photographers, landowners and wildlife managers about this service as by combining our landscape and wildlife expertise with this new equipment, we can offer a lot of helpful services at affordable prices,” said Mr Haynes.

For more information call DarterDrones at 01635 550380, or visit www.darterdrones.com.