A HAMPSHIRE farmer is "Beyond furious" after thieves stole a priceless antique milk float from his yard.

Jack Martin, owner of the Tom Parker Creamery woke on the morning of November 16, to find that his great-grandfathers horse drawn milk float had been taken from the yard of his Meon Valley dairy farm.

The float which has been in use since Mr Martin's great grandfather, Tom Parker founded the dairy in 1921, is a regular site at farmer's markets across Hampshire.

Jack Martin said that the milk float has incalculable sentimental value to his family, because as far as they know it is completely unique. Speaking about the theft he said: "What I would really like to say is unprintable. I am beyond furious. I went out last night at about 6pm [Nov 15] and it was on its trailer in the yard, and when i went out at in the morning at around 8am, it was gone.

"Whoever took it had to have known it was there, they had to drive down a very long drive to get to it."

Mr Martin, has released pictures of the milk float in hopes that someone will spot the unique vehicle, and that it can then be returned home.

"If anyone has any information they can call us on 01489 874066 or email info@tomparkercreamery.co.uk"