POLICE have released e-fit images of two men they would like to speak to in connection with a non-recent rape of a woman in Winchester.

The victim, who was 23 years old at the time, was walking along an alleyway to Sainsbury’s at Badger Farm at around 8.30pm on September 25, 2004.

She reported to police that she was pushed to the ground, threatened with a knife and then raped by both men.

The victim recently reported this incident to the police and cannot be certain of the exact location.

The suspects have been described as they were at the time. The first suspect was a white man in his early forties with a scar on the left hand side of his face, close to his eye and running to the top of his cheek, around 1.5 to two inches.

He had an oval face, short beard, receding brown hair, tanned complexion, solid build and a local accent.

He was wearing blue jeans and a grey zip-up jumper and smelt of cigarettes.

The second suspect was also a white man, mid to late twenties with a pale complexion and taller than the first suspect.

He had brown hair in a ‘Noel Gallagher / Oasis’ style.

He was wearing black jeans and a dark red t-shirt with white stripes on the arms.

Detective Constable Andrew Grieve from Northern CID said: “The victim has found the courage to come forward and tell us about this terrible ordeal that took place in 2004. She is being supported by specially trained officers.

“She has provided very good descriptions, despite the passage of time.

“If you think you may recognise the suspects from the descriptions or the efit images, please contact me on 101 quoting 44170390147.

“The offence occurred 13 years ago and of course the suspects will have aged. However, the woman has described the efit images as being an excellent likeness of their appearance at the time.”