A BISHOP'S Waltham family has described how a vicious dog attack turned their lives upside down.

The family’s 17-year-old daughter suffered injuries to her hand which meant she couldn’t write properly in her GSCE exams and the mother had to take time off work due to her cuts.

John Hawkins from Bishop’s Waltham told the Chronicle he was walking his dog, Alfie, a Shih Tzu, just outside his house when they were attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier that ran out from a nearby garden.

His wife Julie and his daughter Kiri came outside when they heard dogs barking and were also bitten by the bull terrier.

All three suffered severe cuts on their hands and arms and Alfie also sustained injuries which required treatment by a vet.

After being treated at Southampton General Hospital, Ms Hawkins, 44, who works as a care nurse, had to take several weeks off work while her daughter Kiri struggled to sit the GCSE exams at Fareham College as she could not write.

Mr Hawkins, who is currently unemployed, said: “ What happened is unbelievable. My wife sat in the kitchen crying with blood everywhere. It was such an intense, violent two-minute attack that the shock afterwards was incredible. The whole family was shaking. I was fearing for life.”

Although they are now recovering, Mr Hawkins said the attack on June 2 had completely disrupted their lives.

His daughter Kiri was meant to sit the English GCSE exams on June 5 but she she struggled to write because of the deep cuts on her fingers..

Mr Hawkins said: “ We tried the college over the weekend but it was too late for the Monday. The next two days they got her a scribe. She was crying. She was upset. She has gone through the whole year, she would have come out with a distinction. She is the brainy in the family. She has not been able to perform in the exams in her full potential. Whatever mark they’ll give her, it won’t reflect her ability. “ Mr Hawkins said there is a possibility that Kiri will have to retake the exams this autumn or next year.

He is now calling for action to be taken to prevent any further attack in the area.

“I don’t know if the dog is left alone. I don’t know what happened to the dog. He has been seen in the property in the last few days. It’s an accident waiting to happen if nothing will be done about it”, he said.

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: “ We have spoken to the owner of the other dog and provided advice about securing the animal at the property while investigations are ongoing.”