THE reasons an introverted teenage Meon Valley farmworker killed himself were unclear, an inquest heard.

James Bradley, 19, was discovered hanged from a tree at a car park in the New Forest only hours after his girlfriend had asked him for more space in their relationship.

His body was discovered in the car park off Shirley Holms Road, near Sway, by horse rider Julie Chalk on March 4.

James’ tearful girlfriend, Emily Prewit, told the hearing that they had met at Sparsholt College, near Winchester, both leaving last summer and had become close at the start of this year.

Miss Prewitt, of Ladycross Road, Hythe, said James had told her he had tried to kill himself last autumn by an overdose.

She said: “James told me that if I left him he would have nothing worth living for.”

But the inquest heard that Miss Prewitt had not ended the relationship and was due to see him two days later, a Sunday.

His brother Phil said he was unaware about the overdose last autumn. He said that the relationship with Miss Prewitt had made him “happier, more chatty, he came out of his shell.

“He seemed more upbeat than normal.”

Only a few weeks before, they had chatted about James buying a car. “If he was saving up for a car there was no indication that this was going to happen.”

DC Kate Rainscourt said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of James, an assistant herdsman at Manor Farm, Exton, in the Meon Valley.

A post-mortem said the cause of death was asphyxiation. There was no alcohol or drugs in James’s body.

Two notes were left: one to Miss Prewitt and the other to his mother and brother.

Senior Coroner Grahame Short, recording a verdict of suicide, said: “It’s clear that James was in a quite emotional and fragile state.

“He intended to end his life. However the notes don’t really explain the reason for his actions and I can’t therefore understand why he chose to take this decision.

“There is no history of mental illness, although I note he had told Miss Prewitt he had taken an overdose last autumn.

“He was introverted, he was shy and I strongly suspect he had a lack of self-confidence despite all the support he had from family and his girlfriend.

“He kept his problems inside and that was his main difficulty. It’s desperately sad and I can only give my sympathy to his family and Miss Prewitt.”