THE deputy leader of the Green Party will visit Winchester today. 

Amelia Womack will join campaigners in Winchester to address issues of traffic congestion and pollution, which are a major problem in the city.

Currently, the levels of nitrogen dioxide on major roads in Winchester is high, and must be reduced by a quarter. Bad air is being linked to hastening the deaths of dozens of local people each year.

The city council has agreed on an air quality action plan to tackle this, but green campaigners in the city say their measures are not enough to deal with the problem.

Amelia Womack will join with the Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Winchester Andrew Wainwright.

Mr Wainwright said: "The problem is caused by the woeful lack of of public transport infrastructure in Hampshire, and exacerbated by the fact that Winchester lies in a valley, and has all of its traffic running through narrow streets in the centre of town. When the traffic is stationary and the wind is low it's a death trap."

Amelia Womack said: "I'm outraged to hear that bus services in Hampshire have been reduced by 49% over 5 years, "The Green Party would reverse this, and reinvest in buses, trains and cycling paths, all of which would have an immediate effect on the local economy as well as improving the lives of Winchester residents and relieving the stress on the NHS.