A CAMPAIGN group has hit out at plans to build more than 200 homes in Eastleigh in advance of a Local Plan for the area, which lies close to Winchester City Council district. 

An application to build 250 homes in Fair Oak was approved at the local area committee meeting in Bishopstoke.

Prior to the meeting, Action against Destructive Development Eastleigh (ADD) outlined their opposition to developer Drew Smith’s application to build on Mortimers Lane.

In an open letter, the group stated the application at Pembers Farm undermined Eastleigh Borough Council’s consultation process on its new Local Plan, which determines future development in the borough.A draft Local Plan is due to be published later this year.

In December, civic chiefs met to debate and decide the next stage of the controversial delayed Local Plan for the borough. They agreed to focus on the area of the borough north of the Bishopstoke and Fair Oak area. Those proposals are known as Options B and C in the report. The council also pledged to continue to look into Options D and E, which would see around 2,500 homes built between Allington Lane and Burnetts Lane. The Pembers Hill application falls within Option C of the council report.

Following the meeting, an ADD spokesman said: “The council has to be condemned for this decision, especially as it comes just after they said it was still looking at all options for the area. The fact that developers are helped by government guidelines is simply shocking.”

Winchester councillor Sue Cook described it as “a very disappointing night”.

“They are not listening to the people,” she said.

A council spokesman said: “Bishopstoke, Fair Oak and Horton Heath Local Area Committee taking a decision on the application at Pembers Hill does not in any way commit the council to options B and C in the draft local plan.“