JTP ARCHITECTS and ‘placemakers’, has won a national competition by Winchester City Council to remaster the plan for Silver Hill.

JTP will work with the council and the local community to produce a Supplementary Planning Document for the £150 million scheme which collapsed last year.

It had been highly controversial and had been undermined by legal action.

The SPD will set out detailed objectives for the rejuvenation and its wider context, through an extensive collaborative planning process.

The Central Winchester Informal Policy Group (IPG) prioritised the appointment of a practice with multi-disciplinary skills, expertise of working in areas with significant heritage and cultural assets and a track record in public engagement, in order to ensure public support, considered crucial to the new scheme.

Cllr Victoria Weston, chairman of the IPG, said: “We are delighted to be working with JTP and their team on this exciting opportunity to work with the public and stakeholders to formulate guidance for the regeneration of central Winchester.”

Marcus Adams, managing partner at JTP, said: “We recognise the significance of this site in activating the wider regeneration of Winchester, and appreciate its rich heritage which will play an important part in informing the framework.

“Through our unique collaborative design processes we will aim to build a consensus to create a distinctive place, reimaging and enhancing the character and identity of Winchester.”

JTP will start work now, with Snug Architects, formerly based on Andover Road, Winchester and now in Totton, UBU Design Ltd and Atkins, as well as property