THE Hampshire Chronicle has launched a unique new education platform enabling people to review and select the right school or college in the area.

The site’s aim is to become the go-to place for any parent who wants to make an informed decision about their child’s education.

The platform brings together information from a variety of sources including GOV.UK, Ofsted and the schools themselves, enhanced by features and functionality to make searching and comparing choices easy.

Parents will be able to:

* Search and compare all schools and colleges in their local area and across the UK;

* Access Ofsted results, with links to full reports;

* Get advice from other parents and students or share your own views to help others;

* Access academic performance and league tables – presented as infographics to make them easy to digest;

* View a searchable calendar of open days and evenings;

* See bespoke guides to help with every aspect of the decision making.

Schools, colleges and sixth forms can also edit and enhance their own profiles with features including:

* Principal’s message – deeper insight into their core values and beliefs, new developments and anything else to connect with audiences;

* The ability to upload school brochures;

* Add a calendar of events throughout the year, with open days/evenings, social events, weekend activities, community outreach;

* Embed their Twitter feed.

Henry Faure Walker, chief executive, Newsquest Media Group, said: “This is a great new site that connects and informs local people about the school and college choices in their local area. By providing a one-stop-shop for finding the right secondary school or college, it fills a neat gap in the market.”

The new education site is embedded as the education channel within all 160 of Newsquest’s local sites.

To try it now, visit