SUPERFAST broadband is heading for the Alresford area, says Call Flow.

The firm’s is extending its network superfast fibre broadband in Ropley, Bramdean, Bighton, Gundleton, Cheriton, Monkwood and Privett.

Most residents in these villages have extremely poor speeds so as low as 1Mbps. Call Flow says it can offer up to 30Mbps speeds.

The roll-out dates are: Bramdean, June 2015; Brockwood, August 2015; Ropley, October 2015; West Tisted, October 2015; Gundleton/Bighton, December 2015; Monkwood and Beauworth, February 2016; Privett, March 2016; Preshaw, March 2016.

Andy Conibere, Call Flow managing director, said: “Call Flow are delighted to have expanded our superfast broadband network into Hampshire. Our flexible engineering techniques enable us to build cost effective networks.

“Over the last year we have designed and implemented a bespoke internet network that is now delivering superfast broadband to the areas of Bramdean, Ropley, Gundleton and Bighton."

He added: "Being able to bring superfast broadband to the residents in rural villages with the lowest broadband speeds is something we have been doing for over five years.”