THEY are the special needs pupils who wowed one of the most famous venues on Earth.

Budding rockstars at Osborne School have released a new video of their "life-changing" performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

Twenty-four young people with learning difficulties perform pop hits under the name Rubik's Cube.

Teachers at the Winchester school say performing helps them focus and can dramatically improve their behaviour.

Headteacher Sonia O'Donnell said: "The children are so motivated by it, they just light up when they're doing their thing.

"It allows them to express themselves and be themselves."

The group started in 2009 with former pupil Michael Matthews, who took up the drums as a lunchtime activity. He asked teacher Ben Dlugokecki to form the band, which has performed ever since and is now eyeing a summer tour.

Liam Chandler, 14, said: "It's like living in a world full of fantasy, full of excitement when you go on the stage. There's a lot of people around the room and you don't know who they are or exactly what they're here for, but they're here for the performance.

Megan James, 15, added: "It's brilliant fun and I want to do it again."

The appearance came about after a Southampton festival organised by the Music for Youth last year. The band progressed to the National Music for Youth Festival in Birmingham and were then invited to London.

"No words do justice to how thrilling, memorable and exciting performing at the Royal Albert Hall was for the staff, pupils and their families," Mr Dlugokecki said.

Hampshire Chronicle:

"The pupils were nervous, as were some staff, but this didn’t stop them performing to the highest level.

"It was truly a night none of the young people, parents and staff will never forget."

"The gig was life-changing," he added.

Since then Rubik's Cube has been so busy it has had to turn down offers to play. Pupils performed at Naomi House Children's Hospice, raised £76 for the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

To book the band, call Osborne School on 01962 854537.