THE annual South Downs Bloodhounds meet took place on New Year’s Day.

Taking place in wet conditions at Avington Park, near Itchen Abbas, the pack welcomed more than 25 participants of all ages from Hunt Masters to children.

There was also a good turnout of members of the public keen to see the distinctive dogs.

A spokesman said the Privett-based hounds had a good day and hunted well with the field enjoying a variety of jumps along side the route.

The hounds do not hunt foxes, even if their lumbering gait was equipped to do so, but instead they follow a trial laid by human quarry.

The spokesman said they had a fantastic day and wanted to thank all the local landowners for allowing them to use the land.

At South Downs Bloodhounds they believe in ‘hunting humans for fun’, which is exactly what they do each week during the season.

Anyone who would like to join the South Downs Bloodhounds or simply want to find out more about them, then visit their website