A YOUNG Winchester man who suffered hallucinations heightened by legal highs hanged himself in his parents' bathroom, an inquest heard.

Charlie Brzakalik, 20, was dealt toxic substances which aggravated his paranoid schizophrenia and voices in his head, Winchester Coroner's Court was told on Tuesday.

He was found dead by his mother, Julie, on September 25 following abusive Facebook posts from friends, drug use and declining mental health, the inquest heard.

Mr Brzakalik's mental state suffered after moving from his parents' home in Denmead last year to a flat in Forder Court, St Cross Road.

He was prescribed psychotic medication and became homesick earlier this year, the hearing was told.

Mr Brzakalik attended BoomTown Fair this summer, taking cannabis, mushrooms and "four green tablets" which worsened the voices in his head, according to his GP.

He was collected from the medical tent by his father and taken home but later assaulted him, the inquest heard.

Police were called and he was detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act. He was later released and sought further help from mental health services.

The 20-year-old also suffered from depression and visual hallucination.

Mr Brzakalik's parents, of Flint Cottages, Denmead, said he had mixed with the "wrong type", drug dealers who introduced him to substances earlier this year to try and ease his psychosis.

Father Carl Brzakalik said: "When he opened up to them saying 'I suffer psychosis, I hear voices', they then proceeded to say 'try some of this, Charlie'."

The 20-year-old met dealers from BoomTown again weeks before his death and took legal highs for two days straight, the hearing was told.

"He said to me 'dad, I don't know why I took them, but they said on the packet 'not fit for human consumption'," Mr Brzakalik said.

"He said 'I wanted to keep everyone happy', and that. Ever since that day nothing was right."

On September 24, the day before his death, Mr Brzakalik discussed suicidal thoughts and self-harm with his father, who checked on him regularly and believed he had "turned him around".

"He's always been a risk but I didn't feel a risk where he was going to do it there and then,"Mr Brzakalik told the hearing.

That night one of Mr Brzakalik's friends left a comment on his Facebook page calling him a "rapist and a kiddy fiddler," the inquest heard.

It followed an accusation of rape which was not pursued by police.

The body was found on the afternoon on September 25 by his mother, Julie.

Only prescribed anti-psychotics were found in Mr Brzakalik's system, but Dr Yvain Rumalean, consultant psychiatrist at Winchester Community Mental Health Team, said withdrawal symptoms from legal highs may have damaged his brain and increased the risk of death.

He said: "It's reported on the 13th of September he was taking legal highs for two days in a row.

"I'm not sure if that's all that he was taking.

"This sort of pattern of drug use is very immediately contributory to this risk of death."

Senior central Hampshire coroner Grahame Short said legal highs were "one of the triggers" for his "exacerbated" mental illness but said it was unclear whether the "spiteful" Facebook posts were on his mind.

He recorded a verdict of suicide.