CITY councillors have voted unanimously to extend a house on the edge of Winchester.

Amended plans were submitted to demolish outbuildings in Oliver's Battery to make way for accommodation.

Homeowner Mr Muddiman wants to get rid of the old garage at Compton Close and raise the roof of the existing house for a first floor living area. He also wants to add a two-storey extension with roof lights and an integral garage and carport.

Reg Fletcher, representing Oliver's Battery Gardens, said: "We believe [these plans] constitute a considerable invasion of privacy. The footprint of the development is much larger than the now destroyed property. Most of its garden, trees and shrubs were uprooted and burned over a long period of time. We respectfully ask the committee to defer any approval or rejection until these amendments have been reviewed."

Mr Fletcher said the home would be similar in height and size to a neighbouring property, developed some years ago, which he said was out of character with the area.

"Two wrongs in the same area do not make a right," he added.

Cllr Brian Laming also spoke of the other neighbouring property. He said: "That building didn't conform to the original plans and the roof elevation is actually higher. This very small low level building would be replaced with a much larger building. It's caused a lot of consternation in Oliver's Battery. This is a very very large building and will be seen from a long distance. I'm conscious we're putting a very large house in a very narrow space."