FAMILIES from Western Primary School pulled on their wellies for a morning of hedge planting.

Fruits of Fulflood were inspired by a talk by the Tree Council’s Jon Stokes last autumn, and took on the challenge of finding a home in Fulflood for 70m of fruit hedge.

In the past hedges were used as larders of healthy seasonal food such as apples, berries and nuts. This planting is part of the Hedgerow Harvest project, which seeks to reconnect local people with free, healthy food.

The groups aims to highlight the importance and usefulness of hedgerows for biodiversity and landscape character.

Fruits of Fulflood’s Sarah Gooding said: “Western were delighted to be offered the hedging, which includes hawthorn, elder, roses and wild plums, which will not only provide interest throughout the year, but also be beneficial for wildlife."

The Tree Council will be back next year with ideas for how the community can make the most of the harvest.

Planting on the nearby Poets Estate last month attracted some local controversy but this time things went without a hitch.