A SENIOR Winchester councillor has publicly revealed his mental health issues in an explosive rant comparing an anti-Silver Hill campaign to Nazi bombing in World War Two.

Conservative councillor Ian Tait announced his recent stay at the Melbury Lodge unit during a strong public attack against party colleague Kim Gottlieb, leader of the Winchester Deserves Better group.

Cllr Tait told Winchester City Council’s cabinet: “The Nazi bombs that came down on Winchester in Hyde Street have done less damage than the ‘Winchester Deserves the Worst’ campaign. In my 16 years I have never come across more putrefied bile than has come out of one councillor’s vindictive approach.

“He approached the former leader of the council to have me sacked. Why? Because I voted for the Silver Hill scheme.

“These are the tactics of the vindictive bully, so utterly atrocious, and he should be ashamed of himself.

“Everything that he has done is an insult to the people of Winchester.”

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Winchester Deserves Better leader Kim Gottlieb

Cllr Tait, a passionate Silver Hill supporter, has been a councillor for 16 years and was until recently portfolio holder for housing.

When asked to tame his language he said he had “just come out of Melbury Lodge, where I needed psychological treatment for the unpleasant mess that has been instigated not on me but on the former leader and the deputy leader.”

Cllrs Rob Humby and Victoria Weston resigned over Silver Hill last month after a High Court judge ruled the council unlawfully kept the scheme from public tender. Cllr Gottlieb led calls for them to step down.

When approached by the Hampshire Chronicle for his reaction to Cllr Tait's comments, Cllr Gottlieb said: “I’d rather not pass comment on this at all but they  may be subject of further proceedings or action.

“He was undignified, to say the least.”