A COLLEGE near Winchester is seeking approval for a wind turbine on its campus.

Sparsholt College, in Westley Lane, wants to build the 74 metre turbine to teach students the technology behind sustainable energy and reduce its carbon footprint.

It wants to build it in a valley – the lowest point on campus – which the college says means it will be less visible than the three 18 metre turbines at neighbouring Kirton Farm, in Stockbridge Road.

Principal, Tim Jackson, said: “We have to continue to develop the relevancy of our curriculum and the turbine will allow students to learn about the technology and engineering involved in wind energy. Luckily we have the perfect spot on the campus, which will mean we can erect a medium sized turbine with minimal visual intrusion to the landscape, in fact the two homes most affected by the turbine are mine and the vice principals.

“Residents in the neighbouring village won’t see it at all from their homes.”

City councillor Caroline Horrill said she doesn’t think residents have been informed.

“I think like many of the residents of Sparsholt and Crawley who are aware of it, I have some serious concerns, particularly its height and the level of consultation,” she said.

“If you compare the size of this to Kirton Farm, it’s very different.”

The college recently held a meeting to discuss the plans, but Cllr Horrill thinks more should be done.

She said: “We have asked the college to consult further because a lot of people were not aware of the meeting. To date we have not persuaded them to do so.”

Sparsholt and Crawley parish councils are yet to comment.

The college hopes to start building as soon as planning permission is granted.