ALRESFORD town council have agreed to pay £5,000 to settle an employment tribunal case.

Councillors heard that the case involving Heather Graham, which started in March last year, has now been settled.

Cllr Roy Gentry, chair of finance, told the council meeting: “We have been taken to employment tribunal on a case of unfair dismissal. That has now been settled to the sum of £5,000. If this went to tribunal, and even if we won, we would still have to pay our legal costs which were £12-15,000. So it is very sensible to settle this one to the sum of £5,000.”

Councillors did not mention her name at this meeting but it is well-known that the person is former Alresford Recreation Centre co-manager Heather Graham, sacked the spring of 2013.

The hearing had been due on Monday July 21 in Southampton.