IT might be 200 hundred years old, but residents in Soberton have proved the ukulele’s appeal is timeless.

The county’s newest club, The Soberton Strummers, held their inaugural meeting at the White Lion pub on Monday evening.

Organiser, Beverly Lambert, says the ukulele is enjoying a revival and since moving to the area she has been keen to ride that wave of popularity.

“There are clubs in Southampton and Portsmouth, but I wanted something smaller, where a few people could get together and have a few drinks and play,” she said.

She added: “We had a brilliant time! 24 people turned up, which was excellent.

“Most of them were beginners, but Dawn Simpson instructed everyone on the basics and, by the end of the evening, we were able to play a good half dozen songs. It was very convivial and everyone said they would come again – so, there’s no stopping us now!”

Until Monday’s meeting, there group was nameless.

“We voted on our name at the beginning of the session and it was decided that we should be called the Soberton Strummers, which trips off the tongue nicely,” Ms Lambert said.

The Strummers meet at the White Lion pub in School Hill for two hours for “fun, strumming and banter” each week. For details, contact Beverly on 01489 878569.