A FORMER drug pedlar has been giving inspiration to college students warning them of the dangers of drugs.

Students at Barton Peveril College in Eastleigh studying sociology, citizenship, film and media were presented with a lecture from the rehabilitated drug user, Shaun Attwood, who has written several books since serving time in the USA.

Mr Attwood said: “Being busted by the drug squad probably saved my life. I can't change my past but I knew I could change my future.”

Mr Attwood told the students about his life as a former stock market millionaire before he served six years in prison for drug offences and money laundering.

Tweets from the students after the lecture included: “You don't really believe things until you hear them like that!”

Another summarised: “Media was so good today, we had a lecture with @shaunattwood and it blew my mind. Don't do drugs.”