PEOPLE who might have stumbled across luminous pink leggings in a drawer and were considering throwing them away might just want to think again and instead get their skates on.

Because next month an old-school 1970s-style roller disco comes to Winchester.

Inspired by neon colours and fast-moving conga lines, Tribe Festivals brings you a blast from the past with an event that will have you a rollingly good time.

Following the success of events in February and May this year, skaters from a bygone era will be able to relive their youth and take their children along to the River Park Leisure Centre on November 2.

Organisers of Winchester’s only roller disco provide skate hire, protective wrist guards and knee pads. Sadly, leg warmers are not included.

Stefan Edwards and Josh Kinnersley started the disco after being inspired when they worked at Wychwood festival in Cheltenham a few years ago.

Now run by Tribe Festivals, the roller disco can hold a whopping 200 people per session and have taken the arena to other festivals across the country.

Stefan Edwards, operating manager for Tribe Festivals, said: “We’ve been going since the February before last and we moved to Winchester after we finished working for a festival in Cheltenham. We decided we wanted to do something else, something different.

“Roller discos were big in the 70s and 80s but I think they had a bit of a lull in the 90s and now people seem to be interested again.

“We had a member of staff who was on placement while she was a student at Gloucestershire who was from Winchester originally. She knew the area well and suggested we take it there.

“We looked at what other people were doing with small events, such as ice rinks, but we found they could become a bit run of the mill and we wanted to have a smaller number of events but make a bigger deal of them.”

Specialist sessions for young families are available at 3pm and parents can enjoy some adult-only time at the session starting at 5pm. Mr Edwards said the rink can be hired out to schools.

He said: “Children end up getting exercise without realising it when they’ve skated around for a few hours.”