RESIDENTS from Fulflood were left shaken after a lightning bolt struck their houses during one of the worst storms of the year. Families up and down Fairfield Road felt tremors and even had light bulbs blowing when their houses were lit up by the storm at around eight o’clock last night (October 23). Several people reported televisions, broadband and telephone services have been out since last night. Sandy Newman, retired, who lives at one of the houses struck in Fairfield Road, today said the strike was reportedly so shocking that neighbours from nearby streets came to make sure she was ok. “My friend phoned me and asked me if I’d had any problems with the storm. By then I hadn’t and then the heavens opened and all the lights went out here and next-door,” she said. “I was told that my next-door neighbour’s phone sockets had blown. We were all outside and people were asking if they could help. The whole house seemed to vibrate then we all rushed outside to see what had happened.” Sam Bridgeworth, 20, a student at the University, today said his housemates were quite shook up by the event. “Some of the lights blew out at about nine-ish at the top of the house and on the landing and then all the lights went out. It was a complete blackout,” he said. “There was a massive flash of light and the house kind of shook and everyone was pretty shook up. The firemen came to check to see if we were alright. Everyone went down to the pub afterwards!” Fire fighters were called to the scene but reported no damage was caused.