“SEWAGE” has overflowed onto the streets of a new housing development in Winchester.

Residents in Abbotts Walk reported a “foul stench” on Friday afternoon, as a manhole began to seep liquid across Northanger Drive, Lea View and Mansfield Road.

Louise Kan, 42, of Northanger Drive, said she alerted the developer, Redrow immediately.

“Redrow have merely sent along a road sweeper which has been about as useful as a dirty mop on a muddy floor.

“Contractors have parked their vehicles and equipment in the area that was worst affected, so that area has not been cleaned at all. No site manager or Redrow rep has yet been to view the affected site, or indeed been in contact with local residents about the matter, which is truly appalling.

“It's not very pleasant. Someone who walked through here earlier said they could smell it quite badly.

“I'm concerned that there is no signage and no residents have been warned, unless I have spoken to them myself. So goodness knows where it has been spreading,” she said.

On Saturday some residents took to Twitter to vent their frustration. One post said: “Serious sewage spillage at Abbotts Walk and Redrow are making a mess of it!”

Another read: “What's that smell at Abbotts Walk, Winchester?”

Mrs Kan contacted Southern Water, who said that since the site is unadopted, it is the responsibility of the developer, and added that their own standards dictate that such overflows would be sanitised within 24 hours.

After visiting the site, Cllr Dominic Hiscock said: “It's frustrating that we cannot get the developer to take responsibility for it.

“I could not see raw sewage but there was definitely a vile smell there and it has not been treated.”

A spokesman for Redrow Homes said: “We wish to apologise to residents of Abbotts Walk for this unfortunate incident, which occurred as a result of a drain being accidentally damaged while digging on site.

“This caused a temporary blockage and subsequent discharge onto the road from a manhole. The blockage was fixed immediately and the area pumped out. The road was then swept, washed down and further inspected to ensure no health risk was posed.

“However, to reassure residents who have expressed concern over the weekend we are planning to disinfect the area today (Monday).”