IT’S the result of years of hard work for hundreds of GCSE students across Winchester today.

And despite fears that changes to marking guidelines might mar the results, the district’s schools appear unscathed – with many reporting their best ever yield.

Paul Nicholson, headteacher at the Westgate School, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled. It represents hard work from the whole school community: pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff alike.

“They are probably the best results we have had. We were affected with the English results last year when the goalposts were moved. We learnt some lessons from that and it’s down to the commitment from the pupils and staff.”

Sonia O’Donnell, headteacher at Osborne School, which educates children with learning disabilities, said pupils and staff are celebrating there too.

She said: “I’m really pleased and extremely happy for the youngsters here. The majority of Year 11 achieved three GCSEs and all of the leavers achieved their entry level certificates.

“The fact that they have got GCSEs is just lovely.”

At Kings’ School, headteacher Sue Lawrence, who is retiring after 20 years at the school, said pupils achieving 5 A* to C grades, including maths and English, was 83 per cent - up from 77 per cent last year.

“We're all just thrilled. It comes down to aspiration and the fact we have got really hard working staff and pupils who aim high and who want to achieve. They've worked hard and got their just deserts,” she said.

Amongst a sea of impressive results at Kings’, two pupils in particular stand out.

Amelia Wrigley, 16, and Rebecca Conway-Jones, also 16, both attained 11 A*.

Amelia, who lives on the High Street, Winchester, said: “I'm so pleased and relieved. I'm thinking about maybe a future in journalism, or something media related. I just really love the language side of things.”

Rebecca, of Oliver's Battery Road North, will now go on to study for A-Levels at Peter Symonds College.

She said: “I'm going to do biology, chemistry, maths, English literature and Italian. I'm feeling confident about doing so many A Levels now that I've got these grades. I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't quite taken it in yet, to be honest.”


Results so far:

Westgate  School - 83 per cent of pupils achieved 5 A* - C inc English and Maths, with 90 per cent achieving 5 A* - C.

Kings’ School - 83 per cent of pupils achieved 5 A* - C inc English and Maths, with 94 per cent achieving 5 A* - C.

Perins School - 87 per cent achieved 5 A* - C inc English and Maths, with 65 per cent achieving 5 A* - C.

Henry Beaufort - TBC