FIVE councillors are among those to put their name to a stinging letter aimed at the Barton Farm developers.

Deputy Mayor of Winchester Cllr Eileen Berry, county councillors Phil Bailey and Jackie Porter, and city councillors Robert Hutchison and Fiona Mather, were joined by residents Chris Gillham, Liz Kessler, Kate Macintosh, Judith Martin and Mike Slinn, in signing a letter addressed to Cala’s land director, Mike Emett.

It relates to the planned diversion of Andover Road and highlights concerns such as a “loss of the sense of history and character on arriving in Winchester”, a perceived “severance” of Barton Farm from the wider community, and the “waste of resources by not using the existing serviceable Andover Road.”

The document, dated August 5, claims that neither the city nor county council have been able to have “informed” discussion about the pros and cons of diverting the Andover Road, and that the Barton Farm Public Inquiry did not allow a discussion of the alternatives.

The document, dated August 5, says the alternative is to “provide a well-designed safe development integrated with the rest of Winchester and a development where bus, cycle and walk modes are encouraged. The existing Andover Road would be retained and traffic-calmed to 30/20 mph with pedestrian and cycling crossings providing integration. The design would minimise congestion and air pollution in Barton Farm and the City Centre.”

It finishes by requesting a meeting between developers, civic chiefs and residents to discuss the road.