A COUNTY councillor has called for results of a recent speed check at a Winchester accident blackspot to be released.

Cllr Jackie Porter remains concerned about vehicle speed on the A33 in Kings Worthy, particularly at its junctions with London Road and Lovedon Lane.

County officers recently carried out speed checks to see if the average had increased from 43mph in 2009.

But Cllr Porter said: “These were carried out after the recent spate of accidents but to date, we haven't seen the results.

“Local residents have called for lower limits whilst the investigations are continuing -and of course we still want to make it safer for pedestrians too. These speed results are one of the keys to finding a solution.”

She was supported by Kings Worthy city councillors Robert Johnston and Jane Rutter.

Cllr Rutter, who has been involved in an accident on the road, added: “We have all asked to reduce the speed limit to 40mph here-hopefully these speed checks will tell us whether that would make any difference.”