A FORKLIFT truck driver died of cardiac failure, which may have been brought on by the stress of contemplating suicide, an inquest heard.

Cezary Boltuc, 47, was found dead by a soldier on sentry at Moody Down Range, near Sutton Scotney.

When discovered on September 10, last year, Mr Boltuc, of Northampton, was in his car in a wooded area.

The seat was reclined and the inquest was told that empty bottles of alcohol were present.

A statement from his GP said he had a history of depression and had been prescribed medication.

But Dr Raid Al-Talib, a pathologist at the RHCH, said toxicology results showed Mr Boltuc had no alcohol in his system, and that he had not taken an overdose.

The court also heard that Mr Boltruc had a girlfriend in Southampton who he used to visit, but they had separated some weeks prior to his death.

At the inquest in Winchester on May 22, Grahame Short, coroner for central Hampshire, said he was satisfied that his death was the result of cardiac failure and heart disease.

Recording a verdict of death by natural causes, he said: “We do not know how long he was at the scene and how he came to be there. It may be that he was contemplating some action that was not seen through.”