PLANS for a 200-home development in Winchester went on public display.

Architect’s impressions and detailed plans for the Pitt Manor scheme were viewed by the public but consultants have come under fire for a perceived lack of communication with residents.

Sandie Vining, spokesman for Keep Pitt Green, said: “The communication process was diabolical. It was naughty. It was only because Ian Tait called Turley that people found out about this display when they did.

”But I feel that we know it’s happening now so we have to try and be positive and work with the developers.”

But Turley Associates took an advertisement out in the Chronicle on March 21 to announce the display, as well as forwarding a flyer for the event to Sandie Vining, who forwarded it to those concerned.

City Councillor Ian Tait said: “I’m knocking on doors and hearing that this is a major concern for people, so I phoned up Turley and they said this consultation was taking place. I am not knocking them. The sooner you get the information out in the public domain, the better.”

A steady stream of residents viewed the plans at the Tower Arts Centre.

Arthur Morgan, 67, retired, of Edgar Road, said: “At first glance it seems fine. It seems sensitive to a lot of issues. One needs to sit with it for a long time to consider the ramifications, but it seems attractive on paper. It looks, shall we say, user friendly.”

Reg Fletcher, 73, a retired consultant, of Oliver's Battery Gardens, said: “As far as the provision of housing is concerned, I would be quite positive."

But he added that the part of the development which leads onto Romsey Road was “congested, overcrowded and dangerous” and that the council had “not provided any adequate explanation of it.”

The controversial scheme was given the green light in January 2012 and will see 200 dwellings built, 80 of which will be affordable.

There will also be a 200-space park and ride facility, with associated access roads, footways, landscaping, children's play facilities and open space, and new bus lay-by and access to Romsey Road.