A FIVE-week consultation on the future of a Winchester suburb has begun.

The Stanmore Planning Framework will shape regeneration and the public can view proposals and give opinions.

Consultants Broadway Malyan unveiled plans for public consultation on the multi-million pound scheme at the Winchester Town Forum last night (Thursday March 21), attended by councillors and around 50 members of the public.

Council corporate director Steve Tilbury said: “This is a head’s-up about a consultation that’s about to take place. This process is about trying to build trust with local community.”

The Chronicle has reported that the city council's offer to buy a disused pub in Stanmore Lane has been accepted by Enterprise Inns.

But council leader Keith Wood said: “The council has bought the New Queen’s Head. We bought it because we think it’s an important site. We must get on with this because if it’s left too long, it’s going to end up a derelict site.”

There will be exhibitions at the Carroll Centre on Tuesday March 26 between 11am and 7.30pm and Stanmore Primary School on Thursday April 18.

Officers also said they have commissioned portable display boards that could be used at places such as St Luke Church.

The council has for some time labelled Stanmore a “priority area”.

Ward councillor, Jamie Scott, said: “The thing that has come across is: please, no more surveys! We have had near-on 20 years of surveys asking the residents questions.”